New year

This is my first post in 2017. and here are some new paintings I’ve finished in the last couple of months. I am exploring big, flat brushes and Chinese brushes in these works. Have a nice day!

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7 thoughts on “New year

    • Thank you very much, Margaret!
      I’ve been experimenting with a lot of them. First I tried Ron Ranson hakes small (3/4″), medium (1 and 1/4″) and large (1 and 3/4″). The have goat hair and are great for texture. After that I started with some cheap synthetic brushes which are 1″, 1 and 1/2″ and 2″ big. I’ve used those along with a squirrel hair 1/2″ for 2 of these paintings here and Chinese brushes for the others. If you enjoy larger formats definitely go for a bigger brush. I use the 2″ inch brush quite a lot for medium sized paintings (11 x 15)

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    • I like them, but don’t them as much because of the handle. It’s long, thick and very uncomfortable to manipulate the brush. I haven’t had a problem with hair shedding, they keep up pretty good.


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