A strong shadow

I’ve always loved those bold shadows impressionist artists use to express light and fill the composition. This painting was all about controlling a big, bold wash and filling it with cool and neutral colors, such a fun experience when you have a mop brush, otherwise it’s an agony! 😀
Hope you’re having a good weekend and don’t forget to wet those brushes 😉

A wet pavement

I wanted to try out a “wet pavement” scene and balance loose and controlled strokes in bigger washes. It’s a tough task, but a wonderful exercise of patience and keeping control of the wetness of paper and brush.
A valuable lesson I’ve learned painting this piece is the process of observation. The subject should inspire the compositional planning but 80 % of the process is the artists imagination and design choices to create a balanced setting, his own story of rhythm, light and mood. With that in mind, I can understand Zbukvic saying that there are no bad subjects, only bad paintings 😉