Light and distance

This landscape started as a perfect first wash: I’ve established the sky and the ground keeping an eye on the consistency of the color mix as tonal values got stronger in the foreground. Unfortunately, after that step I started dabbing. Never painted such distance before and it’s hard to decide what to leave out, also I love dry brush for the foliage, but this painting has to much of it 😀 I’m glad I saved the background light, cause it’s all about the light.


Herman’s vision in watercolour

I’ve been watching “My Vision in Watercolour” by Herman Pekel ( and he is a real master of the medium. Like his friends, Joseph Zbukvic and Alvaro Castagnet, Herman uses thick paint to create a strong contrast and show the light. He is full of energy and not a single stroke was done without a smile on his face. Using a lot of different techniques, Herman’s paintings are atmospheric and loose.

These two paintings were done by watching Herman and trying to keep up with his energetic style. Working with such thick paint is a real challenge and it’s easily overdone (like my street scene 😀 ), but it’s a valuable lesson about using tonal values and a loose style to set a certain mood.

herman1 herman2

New Years’ new brushes post

A month ago Jackson’s art had a huge discount on the Joseph Zbukvic signature brush set so I purchased those 3 Escoda Perla brushes and they are excellent! Being a beginner, I rarely paint anything bigger than A5 and the synthetic can hold through a lot of terrifying strokes while keeping a perfect point so the #12 and #8 became my all-around brushes.

The fine point of these brushes was tested on the first painting, and once I grew fond of them I started using them in a more loose way and focused less on objects and more on the light (second painting). Shed2Morning_light2